NameMageNameMage is a random name generator for role-playing games such as Advanced Dungeons and Dragons or AD&D and is available on the Apple App Store both stand-alone and as part of the Grimoire App.

 NameMage will instantly generate hundreds or thousands of themed names just right to fit your campaign.  Names are generated according to simple rules files.  

It's the end of "Bob the bar tender"!

Many rules files are supplied with the product including; Accented, Arthurian, Babylonian, Barsoom Female, Barsoom Male, Celtic, Drow Female, Drow House, Drow Male, Dwarven, Dwarven (caste), Eddings, Egyptian, Female, General, Gnomish, Greek, Indian, Male, Mesoamerican, Minoan, Moorcock, Norse, Orc (guttural), Orc (warrior), Roman and Tolkien.


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